Embracing Corporate Social Responsibility: Insights from enCore Uranium and William Sheriff

Environmental Stewardship

Uranium mining is an intricate industry navigating global supply chains, regulatory requirements, and environmental considerations. Companies operating in this realm are responsible for acting with foresight, integrity, and a commitment to sustainable development. enCore Uranium, under the leadership of founder and Executive Chairman William Sheriff, champions corporate social responsibility (CSR) as an integral component of […]

Uranium Mining’s Future: Automation, Digitization, and Sustainability


As the demand for clean, reliable energy sources increases worldwide, the uranium mining industry finds itself at a pivotal juncture. The shift towards more sustainable and efficient practices is essential to minimize environmental impacts and contribute to global climate goals while still meeting the rising demand for nuclear energy.  One critical aspect of this evolution […]

Inspiring Future Nuclear Energy Innovators with enCore Uranium and William Sheriff

nuclear power plant

The global demand for clean, sustainable energy is expected to grow in the coming decades, making it increasingly crucial to nurture the next generation of nuclear energy innovators who will play a significant role in meeting this demand. With the need for professionals well-versed in environmentally responsible uranium mining techniques and advanced nuclear technologies on […]

Uranium: What Is It and What Are Its Useful Applications


Chemical elements are the foundations of all matter in the universe, and the diversity and complexity of these elements are truly fascinating. From the inert gasses that fill our atmosphere to the reactive metals that power our technology, each element has unique characteristics and properties that make it essential to our understanding of the natural […]

From Rock to Reactor: Tracing the Journey of Uranium


Uranium is a naturally occurring element used to generate electricity for over 60 years. It is a crucial component of nuclear power plants and is mined from various parts of the world.  In the United States, the mining and processing of uranium have played a significant role in the country’s energy industry. This article will […]

The Importance of Uranium Supply for Global Energy Security


Uranium is a radioactive element that plays a critical role in the production of nuclear energy. Nuclear power plants generate electricity by harnessing the energy released from the splitting of uranium atoms. However, the supply of uranium is not infinite, and ensuring a steady, reliable, and secure supply of uranium is essential to the continued […]